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   May 26

Solution For Stinky Chicken Yards At Manure Depot.com

Check out this great new service offering at Manure Depot. With so many people keeping backyard chickens for the first time, this could be a very valuable offering. It is important to know that it is not necessary to be offended by the smell of your flock, nor is it healthy for them. http://manuredepot.com/chickens-stinky-chicken-yard-i-can-fix-that/

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   Sep 28

At ManureDepot.com: The Layer Mound Recipe

Today we had an excellent turn out at a private workshop in Vero Beach held by Will Tremml at his Intercoastal Farms garden where he and his school friends have been growing food that they donate to a local shelter. We presented the Layer Mound or Lasagna Garden Mound methods of layering in fertile growing […]

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