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About Us: Our Mission, Our Goals

It took Lucie and I a long time to hash out our mission statement. I think that is reasonable, and it has helped us to determine that we are on the same mission in our business partnership.

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement


  1. MICHAEL says:

    Hi is there a law that allows us to do food forests if our association disagrees?

    • Michael, No, I don’t believe so, but there are ways to work at this. Lucie’s home is in a gated community with a very strong HOA, just what you would expect. She has done a stunning job of building edible landscape into her nicely groomed front yard.
      Fruit trees are lovely trees, and, tree, shrub and ground cover guilds are very appealing to look at. There is no law that says food plants need to be unappealing, and they generally are not. Work within the laws of your HOA to design your food forest. We know it can be done. Finally, avoid war, if they like you they are more likely to like your landscape too.

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