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   Mar 04

Classes and Workshops: Pests and Disease In The Permaculture Garden

If you are growing your own food but are finding it necessary to do battle with insects to save your crops come to our class and Saturday March 7, 10am at Leisure Square in Vero Beach, and learn how we have stepped down off of that treadmill and still fill our plates with non toxic, aggravation free crops from our gardens.

Afterward: This class has passed in time, but the presentation is available to your garden club or group. This is one of the most important presentations for growers of all sorts of gardens. Whether you would like to simplify your gardening practices, save money on garden amendments, or simply avoid using toxic chemicals in your yard, this presentation offers easy methods and explanations for how to jump off of the chemical treadmill forever. Simple, easy and beautiful gardens in Florida? It’s a snap. This material is appropriate for age 12 years to golden years. To book this presentation for your club call 772-240-6695.

Rain Lilies

Rain Lilies

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