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   Jul 14

Projects: Peak Health & Fitness and LOV Juice Bar Property

Trees Arrive

Trees Arrive

Though Lucie and I have had several projects separately our first joint project as Florida Regenerative Landscapes is the Peak Health and Fitness and LOV Juice Bar. This is not just a job for us, our friend and fellow permaculture design classmate Gina from Wholesome Living Juices teamed up with Pilates instructor Cheri Schumann to start their new aforementioned joint business in Vero Beach Florida. We love these gals and we are thrilled to be installing the food forest on the property. Our friend Patrick Small is creating the Aquaponics system there. We are all hoping to be able to supply a great deal of the produce that Gina will need for her healthy raw juices and fresh food offerings.

We began planting trees on the property on June 10, 2013. In two days we put in 31 trees. There are several Carambola, a White Sapote, two Lemon Drop Guavas, three dwarf Papayas, a Limequat, a Meyer Lemon, Avocado, Mango, two Jujubes, two Persimmons, two Cherry Of The Rio Grande, four Pomegranates, two Moringas, two Mulberry trees, and four Figs.

Trees Just Planted

Day 2 Trees Planted

Putting In The Layers

Lucie Wetting Cardboard

First Straw

The First Section of Straw

The property had St. Augustine type grass with some black medic mixed in, and hedges. The grass is covered up! We have divided up the hedges moving some to the front of the property for a low growing fence from the sidewalk. The hedge plants are edible Coco Plum, and Ilex which is useful.

North Facing

Before: Hedges North Facing


As The Layers Go In

We have also been shifting around some Liriope, and on a another edge we have put in cuttings of red and green Cassava, and Cranberry Hibiscus. We are preparing cuttings of Tithonia, Powderpuff Mimosa, thornless Blackberry, Ceylon Spinach, and Manihot Hibiscus. Elderberry plants and pineapples have been moved into the landscape recently, and we will be bringing in Chaya, Rose Apple, Bananas, and sweet potatoes as well. Where the grass was we have cow peas, buckwheat, pigeon peas, millet, grasses from the straw (oat and wheat), and turmeric coming up. We have a plan to acquire some Katuk soon, and we have a pair of Miracle Fruit plants we will either maintain in pots or move to a warm spot in the landscape.

Buckwheat Sprouting

Buckwheat Sprouting

Cover Crops Up

Green Covering Straw

This is a tough urban landscape. It is on a main east west thoroughfare. The east wind whips down along the north facing property all day. We expect in the winter the west wind will do the same. To that end we have chosen some wind and cold tolerant plants for our north facing side, and we have some plans for some built windbreaks including a somewhat permeable wood fence for the east side, and an arbor for grapes over a north south sidewalk that splits the planting areas.

We have been getting lots of rain, and so lots of opportunities to see how the rain falls off of the flat roofed building, and how it moves off of the property. We are planning to build in some rain catchment to stop some of that running off. Once that water hits the sidewalks there is no stopping it, it flows to the street and is gone.

Peak Health and Fitness has been running some classes in the last week or two, but the official opening for Peak and LOV Juice is the 20th of July. Once the business is open Lucie and I will be offering some permaculture, and gardening workshops on the property. We will announce the classes here and on our
facebook page so stay tuned.

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  1. Kimbelry says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to seeing it in person and seeing the classes offered in the future!

  2. Mark Stanley says:

    This is a first for Vero Beach and will serve as an inspiration for other businesses as the work you ladies have done at my home has already begun to spread to other homes in my neighborhood!!! Permascape instead of landscape!

  3. Looks great Adina and Lucie. My first view of it.

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  5. […] Much has changed at Peak/LOVJuice since our last posting in July […]

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