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   Aug 29

In The Yard: Jumping Ducklings

A hen duck calls her ducklings to jump 12 to 15 feet to the ground from the hollow tree where they hatched, and they did. I was stunned to watch them dropping out of the tree one by one as fast as they could. I caught the last two dropping in this video, and then at the end the mother can be seen at the bottom by the fence spying back at me. I was lucky to see that. I hope they are lucky enough to survive the wilds of my yard. Sweet ducks.

   Jun 11

Classes and Workshops: Planning the Summer Garden

Our last class in the Year In The Permaculture Garden Series is coming up Saturday June 13, 2015 at Leisure Square in Vero Beach. Click here for more information on this class offering.

   May 26

Solution For Stinky Chicken Yards At Manure Depot.com

Check out this great new service offering at Manure Depot. With so many people keeping backyard chickens for the first time, this could be a very valuable offering. It is important to know that it is not necessary to be offended by the smell of your flock, nor is it healthy for them.


   May 13

Classes and Workshops: The Backyard Ecosystem

Class #7: The Backyard Ecosystem

Learn simple steps to make remarkable improvements to the ecology of your yard for more resilient systems. We meet at 10am Saturday May 16, 2015 at Leisure Square, 3705 16th St. Vero Beach for the classroom portion of this presentation.

At noon we will visit Adina’s somewhat wild acre homestead for a walk through to view the balanced ecosystem approach to backyard gardens. Please bring your water and wear clothing appropriate for walking among the plants, sometimes in the sun, and often among the mosquitos.

Please scroll down to the post below to see the poster for our class series for more details.

If you missed this opportunity you can book this class for you club or garden party for the future. Call Lucie for more information. 772 473-7230


   Apr 08

Classes and Workshops: What Is A Food Forest?

Class #6: What Is A Food Forest?

Focusing on extensive rather than intensive food production systems. Learn about food forests. Find out how you can create a food forest in your yard, have lots of easy food and nurture the ecology of your yard all at once.

This is a fun Prezie presentation by Lucie Burke to be followed by a walk in a local Vero Beach Food Forest home garden.

This Saturday, April 11th at 10 AM
Leisure Square Tuff Room
3705 16th Street
Vero Beach FL 32960

Food Forest walk to follow class at 11:30. Wear clothing appropriate for walking in the garden and don’t forget your water bottle.

Click on our poster below for more information.


   Mar 04

Classes and Workshops: Pests and Disease In The Permaculture Garden

If you are growing your own food but are finding it necessary to do battle with insects to save your crops come to our class and Saturday March 7, 10am at Leisure Square in Vero Beach, and learn how we have stepped down off of that treadmill and still fill our plates with non toxic, aggravation free crops from our gardens.

Afterward: This class has passed in time, but the presentation is available to your garden club or group. This is one of the most important presentations for growers of all sorts of gardens. Whether you would like to simplify your gardening practices, save money on garden amendments, or simply avoid using toxic chemicals in your yard, this presentation offers easy methods and explanations for how to jump off of the chemical treadmill forever. Simple, easy and beautiful gardens in Florida? It’s a snap. This material is appropriate for age 12 years to golden years. To book this presentation for your club call 772-240-6695.

Rain Lilies

Rain Lilies

   Nov 13

Classes and Workshops: Composting 101

Our next class in A Year in the Permaculture Garden series, Composting 101, happens Friday morning at Leisure Square in Vero Beach. Click on this link to see the details.

   Oct 24

Classes and Workshops: Pertinent links for Creating A Garden Plan, Classroom

October 2014: Here are some useful links for attendees of the Creating A Garden Plan class.

ATTRA, National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: Companion Planting Basic Concept and Resources https://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/viewhtml.php?id=72

University of Florida IFAS Extension Vegetable Planting Guides for Florida
This link includes table 1. and table 2. recommendations for pesticides and fertilizer use, both of which we strongly advise you not to use. Useful are table 3. Florida Planting guides for North, Central and South Florida, and table 4. for varieties of vegetables recommended for Florida based on availability performance and pest resistance.

   Oct 19

Classes and Workshops: A Year In The Permaculture Garden, Vero Beach

Lucie and I will be offering a new series of 8 classes at Leisure Square in Vero Beach starting October 25 and running until June 2015. The series will take you through a growing season of activities in the garden with a classroom portion and a practicum portion for each class.

As a gentle introduction to Permaculture we will be linking Permaculture Ethics and one or two Permaculture Principles at each class. Permaculture Zones will also be integrated into the classroom materials.

Click on the link below for the poster with more detailed information including contact and registration information.


   May 16

Classes and Workshops: What Is A Food Forest? Diagram

This is Lucie’s What Is A Food Forest? diagram from the What Is A Food Forest? Presentation. To host the What Is A Food Forest? presentation at your club or gardener’s gathering on the Treasure Coast contact us.
You can click on the image to see it enlarged.

Lucie's Food Forest Diagram

Lucie’s Food Forest Diagram